8 or 16 X Catnip Plug Plants (Nepata cataria)

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2 plants in each plug. Ready for planting

About Catnip

Catnip - Catmint (Nepata cataria) PLUG PLANTS - For Your Cats Enjoyment


The first 4 plugs are the plants now

Mainly 2 plants per cell and they can be divided if needed, gently tease apart and repot. There could be a bit of loose soil in the pack as the plugs are sent quite dry (They prefer it that way!)

The plants will benefit either way by being trimmed by nipping the tops off occasionally to promote a bushy growth habit.

The cut off pieces can be given to your cat to play with until the spring comes and faster growth starts

As it's early in the season, a sunny windowsill indoors or greenhouse/polytunnel protection will be ideal. Please note the different coloured leaves, the colder the weather the more purple they become.

Catnip or Catmint (Nepata cataria) is a perennial is a greyish plant with whitish purple flowers. Cat's find it hard resist the intoxicating scent of this plant, and it will need protecting from them. The leaves have a mint-like smell. Use leaves fresh or dry in tea and cat toys. Native habitat is on roadside banks.


Catnip can be grown for several years in the same place with only minimal weeding required. Like most herbs in the mint family, catnip can easily spread and take over a garden if allowed to.

IT'S SLUG TIME! Protect the plants from slugs and snails.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assured

If you have any problems with the plants or need any more advice about planting or aftercare please contact me.

Post and Packing


All packs of catnip are sent 24 hour Tracked unsigned

If you are not totally happy with the plants on arrival, please send me a photograph of the plants and the postal arrival date.


I understand the value and importance of recyclable/biodegradable packaging and strive to make it 100% when possible.

The plants are grown as organically in sustainable compost with natural fertilizers. The room for improvement will be in packaging materials.

At present we use recycled/recyclable boxes which help to keep the plants healthy and not too flattened in transit.

Areas for improvement are the plastic inserts.

Currently we are using single use plastic in the bags and the Sellotape is the normal single use stuff too. We are constantly on the lookout for more eco friendly products to use and are open to suggestions.

The paper towel used to wrap the plants is recycled.

The amount of plastic we use is kept to a bare minimum for safe transit of the plants, but we know more could be done. I will update this when we source new eco plastics to use.