8-16 x Corsican mint PLUG PLANTS Mentha requienii

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Corsican Mint 2.5cm PLUG PLANTS

Herbacious Perennial - Mentha requienii

Lovely Fragrance

Spreads well

Corsican Mint 2.5cm PLUG PLANTS

Herbacious Perennial - Mentha requienii

Ready to move into larger pots or plant out

The plants are a vigorous, mat-forming perennial, about 1cm tall forming an extensive colony of slender, creeping, rooting stems

They have rounded, peppermint-scented bright-green leaves to 7mm across and in summer, produces tubular lilac flowers in short spikes

They like quite dry and sunny positions.

Uses of Corsican Mint


Ground Cover: Corsican mint is often used as a ground cover plant due to its low, creeping growth habit. It forms a dense mat of tiny leaves, creating a carpet-like effect.

Aromatic Herb: The leaves of Corsican mint are highly aromatic and release a pleasant minty fragrance when crushed. This makes it a popular choice for sensory gardens and as a fragrant addition to pathways.

Culinary Uses: While Corsican mint is not as commonly used in cooking as other mints, its leaves have a mild peppermint flavor. It can be used sparingly in culinary dishes, such as salads or desserts.

Herbal Tea: The leaves of Corsican mint can be used to make a soothing herbal tea. The tea is believed to have mild digestive properties and a refreshing taste.

Container Plant: Due to its low growth habit and spreading nature, Corsican mint is well-suited for container gardening. It can be grown in pots, hanging baskets, or other containers.

Edging Plant: Corsican mint is often used as an edging plant for garden borders or walkways, providing a neat and fragrant border.


For information only, if ingesting check first,  thanks

Benefits of Corsican Mint


Aromatherapy: The aromatic qualities of Corsican mint make it a great choice for aromatherapy. The scent can have a calming and invigorating effect on individuals.

Insect Repellent: The strong mint fragrance of Corsican mint can act as a natural insect repellent, helping to deter certain pests from the garden or outdoor spaces.

Low Maintenance: Corsican mint is a hardy and low-maintenance plant. It is tolerant of a variety of soil conditions and is generally easy to care for, making it a good choice for novice gardeners.

Garden Design: Its low, spreading growth habit and pleasant fragrance make Corsican mint a valuable addition to garden design. It can be used to create visually appealing patterns and add interest to landscape designs.

Medicinal Uses: While not as extensively studied as some other mints, Corsican mint is believed to have mild medicinal properties. It has been traditionally used in folk medicine for its digestive and calming effects.

Drought Tolerance: Corsican mint is relatively drought-tolerant once established. This makes it suitable for regions with dry or arid climates where water conservation is important.


Please consult a specialist if using the herb as a medicine, thanks

Postage and Packing


WE SEND ALL PACKS of Corsican Mint TRACKED 24 unsigned

The bare rooted plants will be dispatched by first class post in an envelope with moist tissue. I'll pick the plants on the day you purchase and put them straight in the post. Please allow an extra day from the estimate on the postage page as the package is coming from Northern Ireland.

Please open the pack as soon as they are delivered. It is important to take the plants out of the container on delivery as they could rot with the lack of air circulation.

They might look a bit stressed but will soon pick up when planted. There is generally yellowing to the leaves on arrival which will either die off or you can pick them off.

If the weather is bad they could be kept damp or "heel" the plants as a group into either loose soil or a plant pot with compost in it.

Quality Assured If you have any problems with the plants or need any more advice about planting or aftercare please contact me.

The plants will be picked, packed and shipped on the same day, usually the day you order (if it's still light).

First Class delivery and recycled packaging is included in the price. We do not make money from postage.

Plants will vary slightly from the images.

NOTE: The plants will come 5 in a paper roll to save weight and so they have a bit of company in transit)

If you are not happy with the plants on arrival, please send me a photograph of the plants and the postal arrival date.


I understand the value and importance of recyclable/biodegradable packaging and strive to make it 100% when possible.

The plants are grown as organically in sustainable compost with natural fertilizers.

The room for improvement will be in packaging materials.

At present we use recycled/recyclable boxes which help to keep the plants healthy and not too flattened in transit.

Areas for improvement are the plastic inserts.

Currently we are using single use plastic in the bags and the Sellotape is the normal single use stuff too. We are constantly on the lookout for more eco friendly products to use and are open to suggestions.

The paper towel used to wrap the plants is recycled.

The amount of plastic we use is kept to a bare minimum for safe transit of the plants, but we know more could be done. I will update this when we source new eco plastics to use.

UK postcodes only thanks